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Dorm Laundry Basket Foldable

This is a 3-pack foldable mesh laundry basket for the college dorm. It is perfect for taking with you on your travel to when you are about to do a laundry run. The basket includes two clothes, a closure, and a scent code.

Buy Dorm Laundry Basket Foldable

This collapsible laundry basket is perfect for carrying your laundry to and from your college dorm. It's durable and easy to use, making it a great choice for those who have to leave your laundry on the side of the road.
this is a 3-pice-open laundry hampers foldable mesh clothes basket for college dorm travel. It is made of durable mesh and has a comfortable fit. The basket can hold all of your clothes and is easy to clean.
this is a beautiful laundry basket made from canvas gray. It is foldable and perfect for keeping your clothes on hand. The basket has a comfortable top handle and a sturdy base. The basket is also covered in soft gray fabric that will keep your clothes safe and secure.